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Tropimix Formula Cockatiels and Lovebirds Food

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Tropimix for Cockatiels and Lovebirds is a premium food mix full of exotic grains, legumes, peanuts, fruits and Tropican granules. This special blend is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimum health and nutrition.

Did you know that Tropimix food for Cockatiels and Lovebirds…

  • Is 100% Edible and does not contain any messy hulls or shells; eliminating waste and the risk of pathogens
  • Contains flavorful Tropican extruded granules that are rich in nutrients and contain premium sources of protein
  • Provides a stimulating eating experience and foraging opportunities
  • Is a compliment for supplements such as PRIME and Clay -Cal
  • Contains multi size and shapes of morsels satisfy a wide range of species
  • Can be served dry or moistened

…all this results in excellent health and vibrant feathers!

Tropimix Bird Food – Not Your Typical Enrichment Formula

Tropimix isn’t your classic diet that is simply full of your bird’s favorite tasty ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruit or veggies. Included in every bag of Tropimix bird food are Tropican extruded granules, that are not only bursting with peanut flavor, but are formulated with plenty of essential nutrients to ensure optimal health, vibrant feathers and strong bones for your pet bird.

Elevate Your Bird’s Diet with Tropimix

If you’re looking for a nutritious and delicious enrichment food for your pet bird, Tropimix for Cockatiels and Lovebirds is the perfect choice. This exceptional blend features a combination of delectable fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts, along with Tropican extruded granules which are packed with essential nutrients to ensure your pet bird stays healthy and happy.

Did you know that seed-only diets are low in important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and are high in fat? This can lead to obesity and brittle feathers in parrots. Tropimix is a great way to transition your feathered friend to a more diverse diet, including legumes and formulated pellets like Tropican.

Tropimix can be served dry or moistened, allowing you to customize your bird’s mealtime. One method to help with the transition to a formulated diet is by adding an equal amount of hot water to their Tropimix serving. The softened Tropican morsels coat your bird’s favorite fruits and seeds, providing them with premium sources of protein and high nutrient levels. The nutty flavor will entice your bird and help them become accustomed to the new diet.

With Tropimix, you can rest assured that all the ingredients are 100% edible, and there are no messy hulls or shells, so no food goes to waste. Give your parrot the best possible diet with Tropimix Enrichment Seed Mix for Parrots.

Recommended Species


Who can benefit from Tropimix?

Tropimix for Cockatiels and Lovebirds (and other smaller sized parrot species) is a premium food mix full of exotic grains, legumes, peanuts, fruits and Tropican granules. This special blend is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimum health and nutrition. View the photo gallery below to learn more about the benefits of providing Tropimix for Cockatiels and Lovebirds  to your pet bird.


Millet kernel, oat groats, red milo, corn, wheat, toasted split peas, brown rice, dehulled sunflower seeds, soybean meal, dehulled peanuts, flaxseed, cracked corn, toasted buckwheat, dried papaya, corn gluten meal, soybeans, dried split red lentils, dried pineapple, dried carrot, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, yeast culture, lecithin, dried beet pulp, dried kelp, orange oil, L-lysine, yeast extract, DL-methionine, salt, choline chloride, biotin, vitamin E supplement, niacin, calcium L-ascorbyl-2-monophosphate, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin B12 supplement, rosemary extract, beta carotene, riboflavin, copper sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, inositol, folic acid, vitamin A supplement, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, vitamin D3

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) 14%
Crude Fat (min.) 8%
Crude Fiber (max.) 3.5%
Moisture (max.) 12%
Calcium (min.) 0.15%
Phosphorus (min.) 0.3%
Vitamin A (min.) 800 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (min.) 80 IU/kg
Vitamin E (min.) 30 IU/kg


Composition: Cereals (40%), seeds (34%), vegetables (8%), derivatives of vegetable origin (8%), fruits (4%), nuts (4%), oils & fats, minerals, yeasts.

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: vitamin A (3a672a) 2,063 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 165 IU, iodine (E2) 0.28 mg, copper (E4) 3.3 mg, manganese (E5) 38.5 mg, zinc (E6) 44 mg, selenium (E8) 1.1 μg.

Analytical constituents: 

Crude Protein 14%
Crude Fibre 3.5%
Crude Fat 8%
Inorganic matter 5.5%
Vitamin A (min.) 800 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (min.) 80 IU/kg
Vitamin E (min.) 30 IU/kg

Available Sizes

80630 Tropimix Enrichement Food for Cockatiels and Lovebirds 908 g 2 lbs
80633 Tropimix Enrichement Food for Cockatiels and Lovebirds 3.63 kg 8 lbs

Storage Instructions

For maximum freshness, once opened, store in a cool, dry place. Our safe and effective CO2 treatment and air barrier bags ensure insect control and freshness. Manufactured in a facility that packages products containing nuts.