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Soluvite D (12 Essential Vitamins)

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Soluvite D Powder contains all 12 essential vitamins required for a balanced diet in birds along with increased levels of vitamin D3 to support birds with insufficient access to natural sunlight. Vitamin D3 is a particularly important nutrient and birds housed indoors may lack D3, which can lead to poor breeding success and chick growth, inadequate calcium absorption and many other problems. Soluvite D can also be used in conjunction with a calcium supplement, Calcivet or D Nutrical for birds on seed diets, to ensure balanced nutrition.

Product Benefits

  • Water soluble contains all 12 essential vitamins required for a balanced diet
  • Contains added vitamin D3, essential for supporting birds birds housed indoors
  • Excellent addition to a calcium supplement, especially during breeding
  • Can be conveniently mixed in drinking water or sprinkled on food
  • Developed by Veterinarians
  • Made in Australia; Imported

Directions for Use

For best results in water: Add 4g to 40mL (1.4 fl oz) of warm water (86°F – 104°F), stir well to dissolve. Then add the mixed 40mL (1.4 fl oz) solution to 360mL (12 fl oz) of drinking water. (US conversion: Add 1 scoop to 3Tbs of warm water (86ºF-104ºF) and mix to dissolve, then add 1½ cups of drinking water and mix well.)

Food: Sprinkle 4g of Soluvite D to 4 cups of food and
combine well.