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Rcom Pro Mini Incubator

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Rcom Pro Mini egg incubator is fun, intelligent and ideal for students, classroom and hobbyists. Rcom Pro Mini incubator offers auto temperature, humidity and egg turning system.

  • Temperature measurement: -30°C – 11.2°C (22°F – 199°F). Accuracy + 0.5°C ( 0.9°F).
  • Humidity measurement: 0-100% RH. Accuracy + 2% RH.
  • Dew-point temperature 0°C-80°C (32°F-176°F). Accuracy 0.5°F (0.9°F).
  • Wet bulb temperature 0°C-80°C (32°F-176°F). Accuracy 0.5°C (0.9°F).
  • Data hold and Max hold function
  • Temperature and humidity resolution 0.01/0.01% RH.
  • Small and easy to carry.