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Rcom ICU Brooder Nursery For Birds And Poultry Large MX-BL500

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Rcom ICU brooder nursery for birds and poultry Large MX-BL500

The Rcom features automatic temperature and humidity control.
Rcom offers both intensive care brooders and regular brooders
poultry, exotic, fragile and sick birds.

It is easy to clean and operate the Rcom Pavilion brooders. It can be used for birds, poultry, exotic, fragile and sick either as a brooder and hatcher or to care for the sickMain features of Rcom Brooder and Hatcher ICU for Birds and
•Automatic temperature control and settings 20°C - 38°C (68° F to 100.4° F). •Automatic humidity control and settings 40% to 70%. •Provides electrically charged anions (negatively charged atom) that promotes faster recovery, better sleep, increased appetite, and improved vitality for speedy recovery. •FND display mode. •Some have an internal Nebulizer connections ready. •Optional USB PC connection for incubation management. •Optional remote alarm to signal malfunction. •Double-wall insulation technology for infrared radiation and carbon heating. •Antibiotic air filters for removal of incubator dust and airborne pathogens. •Solenoid valve for medical treatment. •Water tank made of Teflon material for prevention of bug moss. •Ten-stage dimmer interior illumination control. •Recessed brooding tray for ease of access and cleanup. •Large viewing window for ease of observation. •BLDC fan for optimal control of brooder's condition. •Elegant design and optimal space distribution. •Circuit breaker for protection from overheating. * Optional and sold separately: nebulizer, USB CD mode