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Quiko Special Eggfood Strength and Rearing Food 1kg

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Quiko Special is a high quality Eggfood specially developed for canaries and positur canaries. It contains nutrients that young and adult birds need during breeding and molting. Quiko Special can be fed all year round as a condition feed.

A varied diet is especially important to keep your birds healthy. Grain feeds are low in protein and essential vitamins. Pelleted and heated foods offer no variety and are poorly accepted by birds. Therefore, supplement conventional foods with Quiko Eggfood to increase protein and vitamin intake. Since most birds eat the Eggfood first, it is ideal for mixing in vitamins or medications when needed.

Contains nutrients needed by young and adult birds during breeding and molting

Contains marshmallow, honey and vitamins

Can be used as a condition feed all year round

Reclosable - optimum freshness guarantee