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Quiko Rusk Special Feed Additive For Moistening Eggfood

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Quiko Rusk

Quiko Rusk is a supplementary feed for all ornamental birds.  It contains specially baked wheat, which keeps the rearing feed particularly fresh thanks to its absorbency.  Quiko Rusk helps to optimize the moisture content of the eggfood mixed with it and helps prevent rancidity and mold.  In addition, it improves the structure of the egg food so that the birds can eat up all the food that is offered.  Quiko Rusk is ideal for evenly mixing additives such as vitamins, medicines or colorings with the rearing feed if required.

Quiko: Over 50 years of quality - Made in Germany.


Feeding Recommendations:

Supplementary feed for ornamental birds.

In a suitable container, combine 1 part Quiko Rusk and 1 part water.  Let Quiko Rusk swell for about 5 minutes until the water has been completely absorbed.  Add the moist Quiko Rusk to the egg food, rearing food or soft food.  Mix 4 parts eggfood, rearing food or soft food with 1 part Quiko Rusk and stir the mixture evenly.  Serve this mixture with regular food.  Larger quantities can easily be frozen in portions and thawed as needed.  Note that Quiko Rusk must never be fed dry!

If ornamental birds are offered a broader range of feed additives, feeding behavior improves significantly.  The young birds are fed more often and their appetite increases noticeably.  Therefore, it is recommended to regularly alternate feed additives such as Quiko Rusk, boiled egg, fresh fruit and vegetables or seedlings.



Composition: wheat, salt and yeast

Analytical components: crude protein 9.50%, crude fat 1.30%, crude fiber 3.00%, crude ash 2.00%, moisture 5.00%.

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