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Quiko Cod Liver Oil Natural Vitamin Donor 200ml

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 Quiko cod liver oil is a single feed for all pet birds. It consists of 100% cod liver oil and naturally contains a high proportion of vitamins A and D3.

  • For all ornamental bird species
  • With natural vitamins
  • Contains essential fatty acids (omega-3) and has a high concentration of natural vitamins A and D3
  • Vitamin A strengthens the resistance of the mucous membranes against pathogenic germs
  • Embryonic development in the egg and hatching is supported by vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3 is responsible for the storage of calcium in the bones
  • Pure natural product

Feeding Recommendations:

Depending on the size and type of animal 1 tablespoon of Quiko cod liver oil per 1 - 2 kg of feed.


Cod Liver Oil

Size: 200ml