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Quiko Classic Eggfood For Power And Rearing For Bird

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Quiko Classic Eggfood: Strength and rearing food for all pet birds

Countless World Champion and German Champion titles are the best proof of the excellent quality of this egg food. Quiko Classic can be fed all year round.

The specially baked biscuit with a high egg content is the best protein supplier for young birds. The combination of egg biscuit, honey and vitamins in Quiko Classic guarantees excellent breeding and show results, both during rearing and moulting and during the show season as a condition feed. Quiko Classic is available in four packaging sizes, whereby the 5 kg bucket is filled with five individual 1 kg bags, thus always guaranteeing optimal fresh feed.

As most birds eat the Eggfood first, it is ideal for mixing in vitamins or medicines if required.

Feeding Recommendations:

During the breeding period, Quiko Classic should be fed slightly moistened daily. During the showing and moulting period, Quiko Classic should be fed twice a week.

Due to the higher content of vitamin D3 compared to complete feeds, Quiko Classic should only be fed up to 25 percent of the daily ration.
Please always provide fresh drinking water.


Composition: Egg biscuit, (45%), rusk, soya, negro seed, millet, honey (1.1%).

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 17.50% - Crude fat 6,20% - Crude fibre 3,00% - Crude ash 2,80% - Calcium 0.19% - Phosphorus 0.24%

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A (E6) Vitamin A (E672) 50,000 IU - Vitamin D3 (E671) 4,000 IU. D3 (E671) 4,600 IU - Vitamin E 150.0 mg - Vitamin B1 28.00 mg - Vitamin B2 28.00 mg - Vitamin B6 6.00 mg - Vitamin B12 40 mcg - Biotin 460 mcg - Vitamin C 460 mg

Store in a cool and dry place.