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Quiko Bio M Remedy for Feather Defects or Damages

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Quiko Bio M is recommended for supportive feeding during the molting period. The combination of various vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids has proven itself for decades during the moult. Quiko Bio M can be given daily via Eggfood or drinking water during moulting and feathering.

Bio is a special preparation promoting feather growth and
should be used in cases of feather defects or damages due
to a nutritional deficiency. Bio has been formulated as a
highly effective vitamin-protein preparation and contains
vitamin A plus biotin promoting feather development.
It also contains 10 different vitamins along with organic
minerals, essential elements and is cold water soluble.

Feeding recomendations:
For individual requirments: Dissolve a pinch of the powder in 30ml of drinking water
or mix it with Quiko eggfood.

For several birds:Dissolve 1 teaspoon (5g) in a 500ml drinking water or mix it with 500g Quiko eggfood.
Quiko Bio should be fed fresh daily