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Quiko Bath Salt Supports a beautiful plumage for birds 300g

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Quiko Bath Salt supports clean and soft plumage for Pet birds. It is added directly to the bath water, removes dust and dander, and helps to support the change of feathers and a smooth molt.

Quiko Bath Salt for Pet birds , racing pigeons & chickens supports healthy, clean and soft plumage.

Quiko Bath Salt promotes the birds' health at all times of the year. The feather change is accelerated and a quick and problem-free moult is ensured. Quiko Bath Salt removes dust and dander quickly and safely.

Feeding Recommendations:

1 teaspoonful to 1 litre of water or one knife tip per bath house.


Composition: Sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, Spruce needle oil, CI 45350

Packing 300g