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Psittacus Neonatal Hand Feeding

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This is a porridge of first age designed to raise manually from the first day of life a great majority of parrot species (yaks, amazons, cockatoos, macaws, eclectus, caiques, pionus ...). It's use is recommended until the moment when the cannons of the first feathers stand out. From this moment it is advisable to use a continuation porridge. It can also be supplied to chicks that require a supplement to the diet they receive from their parents. It is also suitable for recovering malnourished chicks.

It's use is recommended in the second phase of the neonatal stage, preceded by Psittacine Crop Milk Replacer during the first 5-7 days of life (first phase).

It's use is discouraged in nymphs, wavy parakeets and other small Australian granivorous parrots. In these species it is advisable to go directly from the Crop Milk to the Mini pap (2-3 days of transition).

It contains a high proportion of dehydrated egg. It also contains papaya, which favors the digestive transit.

On average, parrots eat 7 to 10 ml of porridge per 100 g of weight. It is advisable to make sure that one hour before each meal the baby's craw is completely empty. We advise to supply the porridge with a syringe with a soft probe of virgin rubber or silicone. This is the method we use in our breeding center because it is the safest and cleanest. We recommend stimulating the animal by pressing the lateral commissures of the beak to provoke swallowing movements, before the introduction of the probe.

Prepare with an approximate concentration of 25% solids in warm water.

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