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Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding

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Formulated to hand-rear small psittacine species (genera Melopsittacus, Nymphicus, Eolophus, Aratinga, Platycercus ? ) that in the nature basically consume seeds with a low level of fats.

It is a follow-on hand-feeding formula formulated to constitute 100 % of the chick?s diet. It should be fed from the moment pin feathers emerge until weaning. For example, in cockatiels, it is used from the second week of age.

It is advisable to prepare the formula with lukewarm water at a concentration of approximately 25% solids. It is recommended to administer the formula with a soft feeding tube.

For younger animals, it is preferable to use the first-age hand feeding formula Psittacine Crop Milk. During the emancipation it will be gradually replaced by the Breeding Paste or the Mini formula.

Exp 1kg July 2023