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Psittacus Eclectus Special Hand Feeding

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It is a follow-on hand feeding formula. It is indicated for hand rearing eclectic parrot chicks from the moment when feathers begin to emerge. It contains dehydrated hibiscus flower. It also contains papaya, which favours digestive transit. On average, parrots consume between 7 and 10 ml of formula per feeding bout and per 100 g of body weight. The number of fee-ding bouts and the amount offered should be adjusted according to the individual and development stage. Its use is recommended until emancipation. During weaning phase, it should be replaced gradually by dry adult food. Since it is a follow-on formula, it is used from the 3rd week of life. For younger animals, it is preferable to use early-age formulas (Frugivorous Psittacine Crop Milk or Frugivorous Neonatal).

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 19.5 %, Crude oils and fats 15.0 %.