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Probiotic For Cage Birds

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Vetafarm's Probiotic formula contains a powdered blend of of 7 live microbes which naturally re-establish gut flora after infections, diarrhea, stress, and the use of antibiotics. Probiotic is suitable for all bird species including cage & aviary birds, pigeons, and backyard chickens/poultry. Ideal for birds of all stages in life, including those that are hand-reared, Probiotic Powder promotes a strong, natural gut flora which increases an animal’s resistance against infectious organisms in the digestive system and improves the ability to digest food.

Key Benefits

  • Contains a blend of 7 live microbes
  • Naturally establishes gut health in sick and recovering birds.
  • Excellent for hand-reared chicks or birds that have recently been treated with antibiotics
  • Aids in the resistance against infectious organisms in digestive system
  • Promotes the ability to digest food
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Powder is water-soluble and can also be mixed with feed
  • Formulated by veterinarians with over 40 years experience
  • Proudly made in Australia; imported

Instructions for Use

Aviary birds : 1g/L (1/4 teaspoon per 16.9 fl oz) of drinking water.
Poultry: 5g/L (1 teaspoon per 16.9 fl oz) of drinking water.

Probotic can be given in water or mixed in food. Probotic should not be mixed with any other product when administered in water. 
Do not use Probotic while administering a course of antibiotics. However, after a course of antibiotics, Probotic is ideal and will help restore healthy gut flora.


180 Million CFU/g as Lactobacillus acidophilus; L. delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus; L. plantarum; L. rhamnosus; Bifidobacterium bifidum; Enterococcus faecium; Streptococcus salivarius subspecies thermophilus.


100g Loose (Exp: July 2025)