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ND NIL (For Newcastle Disease Rani Khet)

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ND NIL (For Newcastle Disease Rani Khet)

Treatment of Newcastle Diseases (ND) in birds with following Symptoms

Greenish watery diarrhea 
Coudhing and Gasping
Drooping wings
Twinting of the head & neak 
Stagger or circle while walking
Complete paralysis
Feed consumption is severely depressed
Loss of appetitle
Swelling of the tissues around the eyes and neck


Mix 30-40 drops or 1mL in 1 Litter luke warm water for 15-20 days or till complete recovery in sever condition repeat medicine twice a day or as directed by veterinarian.


Make sure the container and water must be cleaned. shake well before use. store in a cool and dry place.

Packing: 50mL