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Symans Imunotone Plus (Vit E&C + Selenium) 100ml

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-Each liter contains: Vitamin E as Alphatocoferol Acetate 150,000mg Selenium as Sodium Selenite 200mg Ascorbic Acid 1000mg Zinc 9500mg


-Imunotone Plus is most effective immune stimulant.It prevents Encephalomalacia or crazy chick disease in poultry due to Vitamin E deficiency.It is also indicated in muscular dystrophy, low fertility and low hatchability, hepatitis, arthritis, heart damage (mulberry heart disease) and during different kinds of stress especially during vaccination. .


-Poultry, Cattle, Goat, Poultry: 1ml per 10 lires of drinking water for 5 days. Cattle,Goats: 25ml per animal per day for 3-5 days


-Shake well before use. Store at Below 25°C. Protect from direct sun light, heat & moisture. Keep away from the reach of children..

Packing: 100ml

(Exp: Sep 2025)