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Bird Medics

Multivit Plus For Health And Conditioning 20ml

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Multivit Plus
• Birds ki body requirements ko pura karain behtareen breed kay liyay.
• Birds ki bhuk ko barhao Multivit Plus pilao, essential multivitamins kay sath designed specifically for bird needs.
• Good ratio of Protein – Alfalfa containing 8 essential amino acids.
• Alfalfa provides high amounts of Vitamin A (which many caged birds are deficient in), and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin C & Vitamin D.
• Minerals – Alfalfa is rich in a wide range of easily absorbed plant-based mineral salts and trace minerals.
• Chlorophyll – alfalfa also contains abundant chlorophyll – the green component in plants.
• It’s Vit K2 interacts with Vit D to increase bone formation, thus improving bone and joints.
• It promotes the production of red blood cells and is very useful for treating anemia.
• It is useful to combat fatigue.
• It is a nutritive herb, that replaces lost minerals and vitamins.

Directions: Mix 10 Drops in 10ml of clean water, do not give pure medicine directly to birds, always mix in water or as directed by doctor.