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Lyzo Strong Plus (Immune Booster) 100g

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Lyso strong plus builds immunity in birds against diseases Keeps birds away from stress Has a definite effect on the fertility of the milk Strengthens the joints and muscles of the birds Will not prevent the mother from laying eggs Effective in driving the hatching  It definitely increases the growth of children.

Composition: each kg contains
Vitamin C 100g
Lysozyme 500g
Selenium 50mg
Vitamin E 200g
Zinc 0.05mg

Lysozyme is special role in microbial cell wall hydrolysis enzyme, also called cell walls dissolve enzyme. Widely distributed in nature. Including ehh white Lysozyme total protein, 4% - 3.5% without any side effect of protein. This medicine is for improving immunity of poultry, especially for repairing system. Also can be widely used to increase immunity of poultry against respiratory disease caused by virus, IBD influenza and Newcastle disease with excellent results.

Dosage: Each 1 grm of this products mix with water 4 liters, drink freely