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Bird Medics

Liver Cure Treating Liver Problems 20ml

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Liver Cure
• If your bird is suffering from a liver disorder, you may see vague signs such as fluffed feathers, listlessness, depression, and/or anorexia (decrease in food consumption).
• Birds with advanced liver disease often exhibit wet droppings, yellow or green stained urates (they are white when normal), increased thirst, regurgitation, difficulty breathing, and/or a swollen, puffy abdomen.
• Live cure will save your bird from all types of liver disease and increase the bird’s appetite in order.
• Live Cure promotes regular growth of proteins, including blood proteins, enzymes, hormones, clotting, and immune factors.

Directions: Mix 10 Drops in 10ml of clean water, do not give pure medicine directly to birds, always mix in water or as directed by doctor.