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Life Line Herbal Products

Life line Herbal Grit

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Prepared with 30 Natural & Composite

High Calcium + Minerals

Beneficent for every species of birds.

It's use improve the digestive system. Giord remains healthy and the consumption of natural food turns better. It provides strength of Egg shell so that the reproduction system. Capability impoverishes Diseases and germs attack are comtered by it. Pure natural ingredients are added to use a unique formula. It is too good for pigeons, parrots, dove, sparrows, peacock, hen, present, quail like.

Ingredients with hi calcium + Minerals :

Egg Bricks, Egg Shell, Black Salt, Sodium Salt, Testa Spices, Quester Shell, Paper Mint, Cuttle Fiash Bone, Chloride, Iron, Copper, Fiber, Potassium K, Sodium, Ash, Zinc, Sulphur, Hyssop, Foliage Leaf, Volte Here.

Packing Size 

250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg