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Intra Calferol For Optimum Calcium Metabolism

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 Intra Calferol liquid feed supplement for anoptimum calcium metabolism

Intra Calferol is a liquid mixture of concentrated and stabilized Vitamin D3 alongside organic calcium and magnesium and a phosphorus releaser which improves the ease of absorption in the animals’ intestines. This supplement keeps the animal’s calcium and phosphorus balance in optimal condition.

  • Unique all-in one formulation targeting good skeleton and egg shell formation
  • Contains phosphorus releaser to increase the bioavailability Plant materials contain a natural store of phosphorus which are unavailable to monogastrics. The phosphorus releaser is able to free-up the natural store of phosphorus in feed. This positively affects the bioavailability to the animal and reduces excretion.
  • Stable, well-emulsified vitamin D3 for optimal uptake It is a pH neutral product, ensuring the stability of the Vitamin D3.
  • Fortifies musculoskeletal integrity Vitamin D3 is the key for homeostasis of calcium metabolism as it functions to increase calcium uptake in the bones. A vitamin D3 deficiency will lead to softened and weak skeletons and egg shells.
  • Supports the formation of high quality egg shells Ensures optimal calcium regulation for production of high quality eggs while maintaining good skeletal integrity and improving chick vitality


Unique all-in-one comprehensive formulation for optimal calcium, phosphorus and magnesium homeostasis.

Intra Calferol is a pH neutral product, ensuring the stability of the Vitamin D3. Other products tend to compromise Vitamin D3 stability by addition of phosphorus. To ensure stability of the product, a phosphorus releaser in added instead to increase bioavailability of phosphorus from feed.

Does not create a biofilm in the drinking lines and is dispersed well in drinking water.

Intra Calferol is used for the following animals:

Layers and parent stock:

  • 1.0 l per 1.000 l of drinking water (0,1%).
  • Administer for 3 till 7 days during periods of challenge.
  • For prevention administer once a week


  • 1.0 – 2.0 l per 1.000 l of drinking water (0,1 – 0,2%).
  • For prevention administer 3 – 7 days a week.