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Grow Forte 150g

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water soluble blend of Vitamins, Electrolytes, Amino Acids, Organic Acids and Probiotic for feeding to poultry and other livestock to support growth and performance

The use of GrowForte administered via the drinking water produces positive benefits in a variety of situations. In regions of high climatic temperatures these have long being recognized.

Birds will quite frequently reduce feed intake when placed under stress – thus no matter how good the feed is, if it is not eaten performance will suffer. However, birds under stress will almost always continue to drink. It is also long recognised that the loses of activity of probiotics and vitamins occur as a result of high temperatures during the pelleting of poultry feed. The targeted feeding of GrowForte via drinking water avoids this problem.

Packing: 150 grm

 (Exp: September 2024)