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Endecto (Luis/Mites/Worm)

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Edecto is a 10ml liquid treatment for Birds against endo-ectro parasites such as Lice, Mites, and Worms. Treatment against these endo-ectro parasites is essential to maintain optimal health, failing to maintain control of these parasites can result in poor health, deterioration and disease.


For the treatment and prevention of endo-ectro parasites please follow recommended dosage:

• 2 Drops to the naked skin on the back of the neck. Repeat Treatment 4-6 weeks post 1st initial treatment.
• Do Not apply to birds in moult Or young stock younger than 14 Weeks.

Edecto is to be administered onto the neck under feathers on the naked skin. Repeat Treatment 4-6 weeks post treatment to treat un hatched Endo-Ectro eggs.

Information on Endo-Ectro parasites:

Worms: Infestation of (Roundworms) can cause watery mucus, Increase in appetite with no increase or decrease in weight.

Lice: The biting lice feed on the keratine (The substance feathers are made). Bitting lice increase in numbers the poorer the condition. This causes irritation and damage to the plumage.

Mites: The sucking Mites feed on the birds blood, not only causing irritation to the skin, and loss in blood, but cause transmittance of various parasite.

Active ingredients: Ivermectine.
Packaging: bottle with dripper 10 ml.
Dosage: 1 drop per (250 g liveweight), 2 drops per (500 g liveweight) in the neck, on the naked skin:

• This veterinary medicine is marked in accordance with the small animal exemption act.