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EN Lyte Electrolyte

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The Vital Electrolyte For Birds

Boost instant energy Levels Maintains hydration and electrolyte balance in body

An emergent therapy to any kind of stress A fittest supplement for routine use


Transportation Stress, Disease Stress, Environmental changes (Heat Stress - Body faces electrolyte imbalance), Change in the

bird’s daily routine, Change in light cycle, Stress lines or “stress bars” , Biting, hissing, lunging, and excessive screaming, Bright

coloured shirt or a new human being around, Loss of appetite, destroy things such as bedding and feeding bowls

Enlyte, Our perfect combination of vital Electrolytes regulate hydration, nerve and muscle activity, and cellular functions.


Each Litre contains:

Potassium Ions 20gm

Citrate Ions 30gm

Bicarbonate Ions 23gm

Sodium Ions 21gm

Glucose 136gm


20 ml per litre of drinking water