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Electro Allied Liquid Nutritional Supplement

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It is a liquid formulation that energizes the body and replaces electrolytes lost during periods like hotter days, illness, transportation and vaccination in poultry animals. It helps in stabilizing intestinal PH leading to enhanced intestinal absorption and assimilation.


Maintains electrolytes Balance & Prevent Dehydration Stroke. Improves the concentration of salts and ions. Improves appetite and strength.


Each 1000 ml contains

Vitamin C....25000 mg

Potassium chloride. ..50,000 mg

Sodium chloride. ..350,000 mg

Sodium citrate. .25000 mg

Zinc Sulphate. 5000 mg

Magnesium sulphate. 25000 mg

Dextrose. .15000 mg


1 ml per 4 liter of drinking water..


Store at cool, dry and dark place. Keep out of children's reach.

Shake well before use.

For Veterinary Use Only

(Exp: April 2026)