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Life Line Herbal Products

Earths Green (For Breeding And Growth) 250g

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Supplement fir birds, specifically for breeding and growing chicks and protect viral disease.

Carbohydrate, Fiber, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium,  Phosphate etc.

Use of Life line herbal Earth's Green removes acid from the stomach of birds. It improves digestion and digest food faster and increase appetite. Strength the immune system by relieving colds, Flue, stomach intestines, liver disease and nervous weakness. It protects against skin blood, the heart gives strength to the brain. It protects beneficial and harmless for the growth if children.


Fennel Powder, Alfalfa, dry ginger powder, Fenugreek seed, moringa, senna leaves, cinnamon, mint, joshanda, carom seed, turmeric, black seed, lotus seed, raw brick, egg shell, lime stone, dry coriander, cuttle bone fish, 

Method of use: 5 grm in 1 kg softfood.