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Donuts Shape Mini USB Humidifier or Mist Maker Air Diffuser

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This is a small floating USB portable humidifier. This USB humidifier turns a glass of water into a humidifier. This donut humidifier in Pakistan is a mini fogger mist generator. mini donut humidifier provides moisture into the air and used to eliminate dryness. This USB humidifier floats in the water and uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn liquids into cooling vapors.

  • Its material is ABS + TPE.
  • Its color is white, pink and blue.
  • It has 5V DC and has 500mA.
  • Its weight is 24g.
  • Its internal diameter is 1.6cm.
  • Its external diameter is 5cm.


  • The shape of the humidifier is just like Doughnut.
  • this mini size is used for homes and also for the outdoor conditions.
  • It is a high performance with a lovely appearance.
  • it simply a combination of nice décor and mist humidifier.
  • this mini donut humidifier specifically made for the humidity that’s why users can travel to the dry parts of the world easily.
  • It helps with your dry skin, chapped lips, and dry sinuses.
  •  You can also add a drop of your favorite essential oil is a great choice. Which will give a pleasant scent into your room.
  • We can charge it via USB. we can power up this mini humidifier by a power bank or computer port.
  • We have to just plug the humidifier in the power supply and then put it into the water. This humidifier will float on the water and humidify the environment.
  • It is also portable. It is portable for the gym, yoga, car, Travel, office SPA or bedroom, or baby room, etc. user can enjoy life anywhere and any time.
  • Working Voltage is 5.0 VDC
  • Output Voltage is 0.5-4.5 VDC
  • Working Current of HK1100C is <= 10 mA
  • Working Pressure Range is almost 0-1.2 MPa
  • The Biggest Pressure is 1.5 MPa
  • Destroy Pressure is 3.0 MPa
  • Working TEMP Range is almost 0-85 Celsius Degree
  • Storage Temperature Range is 0-85 Celsius Degree
  • Measuring Error is approx + – 1.0% FSO
  • Temperature Range Error is + – 3.0% FSO
  • Response Time is <= 2.0 ms