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Deli Nature

Deli Nature Grit Mix

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For many birds kept in cages or aviaries, feeding birdgrit is essential. Birds need additional minerals and building materials in addition to their normal feed. Van der Endt - Louwerse has in its assortment a mixture especially suitable for birds, which can meet this need. The different components of this grit are essential for optimal digestion. The grit is a source of minerals for the birds, which in turn provide the building material for the development of the muscles and skeleton, thus ensuring good health and fertility. By feeding our bird's nest, the bird gets the opportunity to find the necessary minerals and building materials in the barn and not elsewhere, and he can absorb them in sufficient quantities.
A mix of mussel shells, oyster shells, red stone, stomach gravel and charcoal. The purified charcoal promotes digestion and absorbs any unwanted substances present in the intestine. The bird can pick them up at will. The redstone is rich in minerals and trace elements. The stomach gravel that is contained in Vogelgrit, act like a natural millstone and are essential for good digestion. Last but not least, mussels are the best source of calcium. Our birdgrit mixture is produced in a grain size of 1 - 2.5 mm. Our birdgrit and its raw materials are also produced, heated, cleaned and sieved under strict conditions. In addition, our Vogelgrit contains no artificial colors and flavors, in short: a quality product.
Packing: 1kg loose, 20kg company pack