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D Immune Booster 250g

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Supplement For Birds, Specifically For Breeding & Growing Chicks & Protect Viral Disease 

Iron, Copper, Protien, Vitamin E, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium etc.

The use of D-Immune Booster boots immunity in birds as well as sperm and restores strength in the body by removing past, illnes, weakness and Lethargy. It also eliminates excess cholesterol and protects against dryness, it releives anemia and stress by eliminating toxins. It strenghenes the bons and the inner parts. It also increases the productivity of eggs and children. 


Saffron, withania sominifera, saleb marshorchid, salab orchid, water chestnut, lotus seed, sand lizard, asparagus, moringa, cotton seed, dry ginger, 

Method of use: 5 grm in 1kg softfood.