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Aliaan Bothers

Avi HYDR8 Essential Electrolyte Complex 250g

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Avi HYDR8 is a full scale product intended for the birds exposed to negative effects of thermal and environmental stress. A perfect balances formula of vitamin and Electrolyte, supplemented with a high dose of vitamin C enables easy adaption of the birds to high temperature. A balanced composition of Electrolyte controls water balance and supplementation of deficiencies occurring as a result of high temperatures. Avi HYDR8 is used for preventing stress and dehydration.

Formulated with Bioperine For Enhanced Absorption.

Trace Elements:
Manganese Suphate 14250mg
Copper Sulphate 14250mg
Zin Suphate 13500mg

Blend of Amino Acids:
Lysine 15000mg
Dl. Methionine 15250mg
Biotin 350mg

Immune Booster,
Repid Hydration
Recharge Energy

Dosage: 1Grm Per Liter Daily in Summers