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D Cal Super Calcium D3

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Boost instant Calcium Levels  Vitamin D3 to increase calcium absorption Supports shell formation and normal development of bones A fittest supplement for routine use

Prevents egg binding, feather plucking, splay legs, nervousness, poor muscle control, thin or soft-shelled eggs, decreased egg

production, decreased hatchability and embryonic death and other health problems


Each Litre contains:

Calcium Carbonate 33 gm

Vitamin D 3 25000 I U


Water: Use 5mL per 250mL of drinking water. Replace water daily.

Seed: Pour 5mL over 1 cup soaked seed.

Direct dose: 0.2mL per 100g body weight.


1. For use in drinking water and soaked feed.

2. For emergency situations, can administer directly.

3. Can be used in all seed diets, more importantly during the

breeding season.

D – Cal Super supports breeding birds and their young ones with

vital calcium. It contains Vitamin D3 to increase calcium absorption

in the digestive tract.

Regular use in all seed eating birds will ensure adequate calcium

for strong bones, muscle formation and general well-being.