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C Vit Forte Vit-C Falavoured Syrup

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C-VIT FORTE is a research product of Symans. It is more effective and stable as compared to synthetic Vitamin “C” and is also heat stable.


C-VIT FORTE is effective against cold stress and also protects the animal in hot season from stress & heat stroke

C-VIT FORTE maintains the digestive process in Layers, Broilers & Fancy birds.

C-VIT FORTE protects birds from effects of Coccidiosis and repairs mussel membrane.

C-VIT FORTE reduces the picking habits in layers.

C-VIT FORTE reduces the stress of respiratory infections as supportive therapy.

C-VIT FORTE improves antibody titer in different vaccinations

C-VIT FORTE produces energy, reduces mortality, and removes toxic materials from body.

C-VIT FORTE enhances production capacity by regular use.

C-VIT FORTE improves eggshell quality.

Dosage 1 ml in 1 Liter water

(Exp: May 2026)