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Breed Well (For Birds Breeding)

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SYMPTOMS: Breed Well Improves the following symptoms developed in birds during the breeding. Infertile Eggs Low egg count Problem in mating Deterioration of egg shell Egg Binding ► Poor Immune system Deficiency of vitamins


Active Ingredients: ► Agnus Cast 3C Damiana 3C Alfalfa 200 Calc Carb 30 ► Calc Phos 30 Nat Mur 6ch NH

USAGE: Mix 30-40 drops or 1ml in 1 liter luke warm water for 15- 20 days or till complete recovery. In sever conditions repeat medicine twice a day or as directed by Veterinarian.

PRECAUTIONS: Make sure the container and water is clean. Shake well before use. Store at cool & dry place. Keep away from sunlight

Packing: 50ml