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Bird Medics

Breed Plus For Bird Fertility 20ml

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Breed Plus
• It helps to aid in the development of healthy egg membranes, and embryo growth, and assists birds in producing the maximum number of fertile eggs.
• It helps to enhance vitality hormones involved in the female reproductive cycle.
• It helps to prevent selenium deficiency and increase the production of features and maintain cellular integrity in tissues in avian species.
• It resolves digestion problems, cures diarrhea, and decreases muscle spasms.
• It cures infertility problems and prevents early embryo mortality.
• It cures the sexual problem in birds and boosts their mental, and physical stamina, and increases sexual desire.
• It calms the brain, reduces swelling, and lowers the stress levels of a bird by altering its immune system.
• Do not give the drops directly to the bird always mix the medicine in water
• Use 20 drops in half litre of water or 5 drops in a single drinker.