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Aliaan Brothers

Avi Obese Cure ( Fat Reduce)

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Our Unique formulation will perform following wonders:
* Burns the deposited fats and stops further accumulation due to non activeness
* Removes toxins from body and prevents obesity
* Controls uneven and unhealthy patterns of metabolic activity and normalizes appetite
* Helps in maintaining required body weight
* Maintains birds health during weight loss
COMPOSITION: * Phytolaca Berry 3DH * Fucus 3DH * Kali Phosphoricum 6DH * Calc. Flor 30CH
USAGE: * Mix 30 - 40 drops in luke warm water for at least 25 - 30 days till complete recovery * In severe conditions repeat medicine twice a day or as directed by doctor PRECAUTIONS:
* Keep out of reach of children * Store at cool and dry place * Shake well before use * Do not overdose than
Packing: 20ml