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Aliaan Brothers

Avi Calci Pro Premium 450g

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Calcium Magnesium + Vitamin D Nutrition Supplement Formula.

Helps Prevent egg binding, soft shelled eggs, and brittle bones.

Avi Calci pro premium is a full spectrum calcium vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement for birds, it is the only bird supplement specifically formulated for seed, vegetable and fruit eater birds. Calci Pro premium contain 25 essential vitamin, minerals & trace elements. which are often lacking in most bird diets, it contains extra vitamin C and E to increased breeding and antioxidant activity. It has lysine and methionine amino acids to improve diet protien quality. It delivers a unique combination of digestive enzymes to improve digestion. It has pre & Pro biotic that helps keep bird ls in top condition.

Usage: Add 20 grm per kg of food to boost active calcium level.