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Aliaan Brothers

Avi Cal Active (Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3) 450g

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Avi Cal Active is a large spectrum supplement containing
Calcium Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids for birds. This
This supplement is specifically formulated for seed & fruit egter birds, Avi Cal Active contains 45 vitamins minerals
& essential trace elements which are lacking in regular diet of birds. It contains extra vitamin C & E to enhance breeding & overall health. It has lysine, methionine,
Vit A150000 IU Vit D3 85000 IU Vit B1 350 mg Vit B2 275 m2 L'Glutamine 4000mg Asparagine 1752mg L Proline 800mg 1.Serine 800mg Alanine 2 500 mg niacin 17600 m Folic acid 330 mg Lysine 15000ml DL Methionine 20000mg
line 4480 mg lodine 100 mg Selenium 200 W
Tron 2500 mg
Copper 500 mg
Manganese 49606
Composition Vit 86 250 mg Vit B12 15 mg Vit C 15000 mg Vit E22000 m Vit K3 35 mg Vit P 200mg Biotin 380mg Choline Ch 45000 m D.Pantothenic Acid 700 mg L-Cysti ne 250mg L Tryptophan 325mg L-Arginine 1252mg L-Threonine 840mg L-/soleucine 800mg L-Leucine 1500mg L-Valine 800m L-Histidine 400mg L-Tyrosine 400mg Glycine 1752
Add 4 grams per Itr of water or 6 grams on soft food
Packing: 450grm
(Exp: 2/3 Years)