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Pigeon Nest Bowl Imported

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Just the perfect size for small breeds such as Rollers, Tipplers, etc.  Also the ideal size for Doves. perforated bottom and grooved inside the bowl gives the young a grip.  and keep eggs intact on one place it is designed to allow proper ventilation.


  • Breathable design keep pigeons and egg dry so increase the chance of egg’s fertility
  • Instantly absorb droppings liquid and make it dry so easy to flush out solid dropping out of coconut mat.
  • The mat is fit with the basin nest , not easy to move .
  • wonderful place for birds and eggs, very comforting for birds during incubation  period
  • Durable, long lasting than other home made nests.
  • Easy to clean and wash hence keep birds environment health
  • Ideal size for normal sized breeds