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Calcio Plus 500g

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CALCIO+ is a top quality food supplement, developed in collaboration with veterinarians, nutritionists, scientists and prominent breeders. This food supplement contains 10% calcium in a form which can be optimally absorbed in the birds’ gastrointestinal tract. The absorption of calcium via food depends highly on the form in which the calcium is present. CALCIO+ has a combination of 4 high quality calcium sources (calcium lactate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate and calcium carbonate). Insufficient absorption of calcium via nutrition results in the body getting the needed calcium out of the skeleton, making them brittle and brake easily. The addition of Vitamin D3 improves the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract and enhances the formation of the eggshell and the skeleton. On the one hand, vitamin D3 is partly absorbed through the food, on the other hand it is partly produced in the skin under influence of UV radiation from sunlight. Therefore it’s important to add Vitamin D3 for birds which are kept inside and don’t have any direct contact with sunlight. Thanks to its unique composition, CALCIO+ enhances the formation of good egg shells and supports the structure of the skeleton. Administered ideally via eggfood, germinated seeds or fruit.

Available in 500gr.


Maltodextrin, Calcium lactate, Calcium citrate, Calcium carbonate, Dextrose, Calcium gluconate, Sodium chloride

Analytical constituents

10% Calcium, 0,15% Sodium

Nutritional additives/kg

10.000 I.U. Vitamin D3