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AVI VIT AVILYTE (Electrolyte)

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 AVIVIT AVILYTE : A concentrated water soluble electrolyte solution. Provides essential electrolytes for birds.

Water is the most important nutrient for Birds. Heat stress can increase water consumption by up to five times the normal level. Exposure to heat stress for long periods suppresses the responsiveness of the immune system. Increased levels of corticosteroids in the blood reduce the activity and population of lymphocytes in the blood.

Where ambient temperature is in the range of 20 – 26˚C at a rate of 100ml per 50 litres of clean drinking water and feed for 3 – 5 days.

Where environmental temperatures are higher adjust mixing rate to allow for increased water intake.

 Dosage: 2ml in 1 Liter Water

(Exp Jun 2024)